Energy & Flow

When I organize spaces, I also assess the qi – the overall energy and flow – to see if the space can be better utilized.

Qi (also known as “Chi” or “Ch’i”) isn’t some hard-to-understand, mystical feng shui concept from ancient Chinese philosophy.

It is simply how you feel when you enter a room – the way the room layout, placement of furniture, use of space, lighting, and colors all come together.

Why is this important?

Because even if the “stuff” is 100% organized, the space can still feel uncomfortable.

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Space Transformations

It’s the room that no one ever enters, the space that is rarely used, or the couch that is a perpetual dumping ground for clutter. Even with the best of furnishings, the space can still feel uncomfortable.

Negative energy can affect every aspect of your life – your well being, your confidence, your family, your relationships, your productivity and level of success, your happiness.

And yet, it is something you can definitely control.


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