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“Christine took the time to assist me in focusing on what it was I wanted for an end result with the space, enabling me to make the decisions I needed to make in order to move forward… ”

“Christine is very friendly, customer-service driven, and highly engaging from the minute you meet her… ”

“She’s very attentive and so personable… ”

“I realized that the main reason I was hesitant to tackle this on my own was because of how large of a task it was, but she made it very easy… ”

“Not only was I happy with the results, but I also enjoyed the whole process in working with Christine. She was professional and collaborative… ”

“She is fun to be around and kind hearted, and yet she knows how to guide the process and keep things on track… ”

“I can honestly say that Christine has transformed our lives!”

“Her patience, creativity and practical approach made it all possible… ”

“Christine… swooped in and met with me soon after I called… We made a plan for the next week and discussed my problem areas in the house. She came back and had a detailed plan written down and an energy that said “let’s go!”

“She took incredible care to understand what I needed, not just for my house but for my new life… ”

“I have hired Christine for a number of projects in my home, I highly recommend her.”

“Christine was professional and prompt in every communication from start to finish… ”

“Told her I would have her back the moment (our renovation) is finished so she can work her magic. Love. Her.”

“The whole experience was wonderful… ”

“Christine recently set up my law office… I would recommend her to anyone without qualification. ”

“Christine has a natural knack for rearranging rooms and furnishings to maximize the flow, comfort, aesthetics, and efficiency. She uses what is already there and doesn’t require spending insane amounts of money… ”

“Christine went well beyond my… expectations for what my home could be… ”

“What I especially appreciate about Christine is that she sees the big picture while also taking into consideration every little detail… ”

“Christine often jokes that she must have been a lawyer in her past life because she is very, very logical, and very detailed in her thinking. As a lawyer myself, I’d say she’d make a GREAT lawyer!”

“She loves what she does, and it’s infectious when she shows up to the house with her “Let’s do this!” attitude… ”

“Christine has a spectacular eye for simplicity, elegance, functionality, and space… ”

“She was so great to work with and came up with same great ideas for my space that make me much more comfortable… ”

“We never thought of space planning in the way Christine approaches it, and it has given our space a real purpose… ”

“Her organizational skills made the move out of our house and back into our house so much easier. We could not have done it without her!”

“… not only were we able to change the look and feel of the room, but it also changed our family dynamics… ”

“I am now sitting in my new home office with a big smile on my face! I would highly recommend hiring her.”

“She won’t just give recommendations and leave you to do the moving work. She’ll actually lead the charge to take stuff out of storage areas, put items in donation piles, and then rearrange storage to hold things in a more sensible manner… ”

“She brings a strong sense of commitment to every task she undertakes… ”

“She can read what a room needs in a matter of minutes and knows how to turn the energy around in an instant. She can tell you simple ways to enhance your home, where to place furniture to bring out the most light and functionality, and even where to place photos to bring out the best energy… ”

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