Do you want to get organized but have no idea where to start? Do you feel stuck and overwhelmed just thinking about it? Do you struggle to figure out if you should buy more containers, more shelves, more this, and more that – yet waste hours on to no avail?

This is where I come in.

Results-Oriented Consultation

The biggest benefit you will receive from my service is a clear path forward.

Once I walk you through the issues specific to your home – the clutter, use of space, storage limitations (and opportunities!), and more – explain how to approach each one, and give you organizing solutions and product recommendations right for you, you will know exactly what to do and how to do it.

  • You will know what to expect if you decide to organize on your own, as I will break it down into steps that are easy to follow.
  • You will know what to expect if you book an organizing session with me – and what to buy or do beforehand to maximize our time together.
  • As a value-added service, I will also give you space planning solutions based on your furniture and room layouts that will optimize the overall flow and create a more functional, inspiring environment.

More often than not, I leave my clients with a sense of hope, excitement, and newfound energy. Many “get it” in the middle of the consultation because somewhere along the way, as I walk them through the process, it just clicks. It’s the “Aha!” moment where it all makes sense. I’ve even had a few clients insist on giving me a big hug… during the pandemic!

After organizing homes and offices for 10+ years, I have come to believe that what people want most is to feel in control of their situation.

The physical organizing of “stuff” is the easy part. It’s the strategy and thought process behind it – where to begin, what to do, and how to do it – where people get stuck.

The fact is, there are many things in life that are truly out of our control. Getting your home organized is not one of them. I can help you get unstuck so you can move forward.

Let’s do this.

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$195 — 1 room, space
$295 — 2 rooms, spaces
$395 — 3+ rooms, spaces

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