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My Career Path

I graduated from the USC Honors College and spent the next 20 years entrenched in project management, community development, social entrepreneurship, events planning, and global marketing.

I also worked abroad and traveled across Asia, Europe, and North America before having my “Aha!” moment – the realization that with my skill sets, not only can I help people improve their lives, but in so doing, I’d really enjoy it.

It took a mid-life crisis, a lot of soul searching, and many tears to make that leap.

I went from building communities, coordinating events across multiple continents, and managing a large-scale public health campaign – all of which involved hundreds of people and organizations – to now working with one person at a time.

Yet, I couldn’t be happier.

As I often say to those who feel embarrassed by their situations, I have met a great number of people throughout my travels and career. Nothing could be more inspiring than to be around people who want to better their lives.

Plus I get to wear gym clothes and sneakers to work.

That also makes me happy. :-)

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